About Kevin

Service. Honor. Commitment. These are the pillars that form the foundation of Kevin Stine’s personal philosophy. They were instilled in him as a young boy, growing up with his single mother in poverty. Despite the hard times they faced, she taught Kevin to always think about others in everything he did, and to do everything with honor. When he graduated from high school, Kevin knew that the military offered him the opportunity to serve his country while breaking the cycle of poverty his family had faced for generations. He joined the U.S. Navy and served aboard submarines for three deployments. Over nine years he held Top Secret clearance as an Electronics Technician and Radioman.

After receiving an honorable discharge from the Navy, Kevin returned to his hometown of Medford, determined to make a difference in the lives of everyday Oregonians. He ran for, and was elected to the Medford City Council in 2014. Kevin was admitted to Southern Oregon University and became the first person in his family to graduate from college when he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science in 2016. Kevin also started a family with his wife Casey. Their daughter, Riley was born in 2013 and reminds him everyday of his responsibility and drive to continue to make Medford a family friendly city.

Since returning to Medford, Kevin has made it his mission to honor those that have served in our nation’s military. While working at ACCESS, in the SSVF Program helped house homeless veterans. He also helped local veterans attend college as the Veteran Resource Center Specialist at Rogue Community College. Finally, as a Navy Reservist, Kevin is a member of the Funeral Honors Team, and takes tremendous pride in having the opportunity to provide comfort and closure to the loved ones of veterans lost.

As the current President of the Medford City Council, Kevin takes his role as one of his hometown’s city leaders seriously. He is proud of the progress the council, and the city have made in the last six years. Still, he knows there is a long way to go. “I will never stop working to make things better in our city. We need to come together to support the things that are working for Medford’s residents, and to move beyond the things that are holding our city back. Together, we can make Medford a city we are all proud to call home.”